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/* radare - LGPL - Copyright 2009-2011 // nibble<.ds@gmail.com> + pancake<nopcode.org> */

#ifndef _INCLUDE_R_ANAL_H_
#define _INCLUDE_R_ANAL_H_

#include <r_types.h>
#include <list.h>
#include <r_io.h>
#include <r_reg.h>
#include <r_list.h>
#include <r_util.h>
#include <r_syscall.h>

#define VERBOSE_ANAL if(0)

/* meta */
00017 typedef struct r_meta_item_t {
      ut64 from;
      ut64 to;
      ut64 size;
      int type;
      char *str;
} RMetaItem;

00025 typedef struct r_meta_t {
      RList *data;
      PrintfCallback printf;
} RMeta;

enum {
      R_META_WHERE_PREV = -1,
      R_META_WHERE_HERE = 0,
      R_META_WHERE_NEXT = 1,

enum {
      R_META_TYPE_ANY = -1,
      R_META_TYPE_DATA = 'd',
      R_META_TYPE_CODE = 'c',
      R_META_TYPE_STRING = 's',
      R_META_TYPE_FORMAT = 'f',
      R_META_TYPE_MAGIC = 'm',

// anal
enum {
      R_ANAL_OP_FAMILY_CPU,  /* normal cpu insturction */
      R_ANAL_OP_FAMILY_FPU,  /* fpu (floating point) */
      R_ANAL_OP_FAMILY_MMX,  /* multimedia instruction (packed data) */
      R_ANAL_OP_FAMILY_PRIV, /* priviledged instruction */

enum {
      R_ANAL_OP_TYPE_NULL  = 0x0,
      R_ANAL_OP_TYPE_JMP   = 0x1,  /* mandatory jump */
      R_ANAL_OP_TYPE_UJMP  = 0x2,  /* unknown jump (register or so) */
      R_ANAL_OP_TYPE_CJMP  = 0x4,  /* conditional jump */
      R_ANAL_OP_TYPE_CALL  = 0x8,  /* call to subroutine (branch+link) */
      R_ANAL_OP_TYPE_UCALL = 0x10, /* unknown call (register or so) */
      R_ANAL_OP_TYPE_REP   = 0x20, /* repeats next instruction N times */
      R_ANAL_OP_TYPE_RET   = 0x40, /* returns from subrutine */
      R_ANAL_OP_TYPE_ILL   = 0x80,  /* illegal instruction // trap */
      R_ANAL_OP_TYPE_UNK   = 0x100, /* unknown opcode type */
      R_ANAL_OP_TYPE_NOP   = 0x200, /* does nothing */
      R_ANAL_OP_TYPE_MOV   = 0x400, /* register move */
      R_ANAL_OP_TYPE_TRAP  = 0x800, /* it's a trap! */
      R_ANAL_OP_TYPE_SWI   = 0x1000,  /* syscall, software interrupt */
      R_ANAL_OP_TYPE_UPUSH = 0x2000, /* unknown push of data into stack */
      R_ANAL_OP_TYPE_PUSH  = 0x4000,  /* push value into stack */
      R_ANAL_OP_TYPE_POP   = 0x8000,   /* pop value from stack to register */
      R_ANAL_OP_TYPE_CMP   = 0x10000,  /* copmpare something */
      R_ANAL_OP_TYPE_ADD   = 0x20000,
      R_ANAL_OP_TYPE_SUB   = 0x40000,
      R_ANAL_OP_TYPE_MUL   = 0x100000,
      R_ANAL_OP_TYPE_DIV   = 0x200000,
      R_ANAL_OP_TYPE_SHR   = 0x400000,
      R_ANAL_OP_TYPE_SHL   = 0x800000,
      R_ANAL_OP_TYPE_OR    = 0x1000000,
      R_ANAL_OP_TYPE_AND   = 0x2000000,
      R_ANAL_OP_TYPE_XOR   = 0x4000000,
      R_ANAL_OP_TYPE_NOT   = 0x8000000,
      R_ANAL_OP_TYPE_STORE = 0x10000000,  /* store from register to memory */
      R_ANAL_OP_TYPE_LOAD  = 0x20000000,  /* load from memory to register */
      R_ANAL_OP_TYPE_LEA   = 0x40000000, 
      R_ANAL_OP_TYPE_LEAVE = 0x80000000, 

/* TODO: what to do with signed/unsigned conditionals? */
enum {
      R_ANAL_COND_EQ = 0,

enum {
      R_ANAL_VAR_TYPE_NULL   = 0,
      R_ANAL_VAR_TYPE_GLOBAL = 0x01,
      R_ANAL_VAR_TYPE_LOCAL  = 0x02,
      R_ANAL_VAR_TYPE_ARG    = 0x04,
      R_ANAL_VAR_TYPE_ARGREG = 0x08,
      R_ANAL_VAR_TYPE_RET    = 0x10,

typedef enum {
      R_ANAL_VAR_DIR_NONE = 0,
      R_ANAL_VAR_DIR_IN   = 0x100,
      R_ANAL_VAR_DIR_OUT  = 0x200
} _RAnalVarDir;

typedef enum {
      R_ANAL_DATA_NULL = 0,
      R_ANAL_DATA_HEX,      /* hex byte pairs */
      R_ANAL_DATA_STR,      /* ascii string */
      R_ANAL_DATA_CODE,     /* plain assembly code */
      R_ANAL_DATA_FUN,      /* plain assembly code */
      R_ANAL_DATA_STRUCT,   /* memory */
} _RAnalData;

typedef enum {
      R_ANAL_BB_TYPE_NULL = 0,
      R_ANAL_BB_TYPE_HEAD = 0x1,     /* first block */
      R_ANAL_BB_TYPE_BODY = 0x2,     /* conditional jump */
      R_ANAL_BB_TYPE_LAST = 0x4,     /* ret */
      R_ANAL_BB_TYPE_FOOT = 0x8,     /* unknown jump */
      R_ANAL_BB_TYPE_SWITCH = 0x10   /* TODO: switch */
} _RAnalBlockType;

enum {
      R_ANAL_STACK_NULL = 0,

typedef enum {
} _RAnalReflineType;

enum {
      R_ANAL_RET_ERROR = -1,
      R_ANAL_RET_DUP = -2,
      R_ANAL_RET_NEW = -3,
      R_ANAL_RET_END = -4

00155 typedef struct r_anal_t {
      int bits;
      int lineswidth;
      int big_endian;
      int split;
      void *user;
      RList *fcns;
      RList *refs;
      RList *vartypes;
      RMeta *meta;
      RReg *reg;
      RSyscall *syscall;
      RIOBind iob;
      struct r_anal_ctx_t *ctx;
      struct r_anal_plugin_t *cur;
      struct list_head anals; // TODO: Reimplement with RList
} RAnal;

// mul*value+regbase+regidx+delta
00174 typedef struct r_anal_value_t {
      int absolute; // if true, unsigned cast is used
      int memref; // is memory reference? which size? 1, 2 ,4, 8
      ut64 base ; // numeric address
      st64 delta; // numeric delta
      st64 imm; // immediate value
      int mul; // multiplier (reg*4+base)
      ut16 sel; // segment selector
      RRegItem *reg; // register index used (-1 if no reg)
      RRegItem *regdelta; // register index used (-1 if no reg)
} RAnalValue;

00186 typedef struct r_anal_op_t {
      char *mnemonic; /* mnemonic */
      ut64 addr;      /* address */
      int type;       /* type of opcode */
      int stackop;    /* operation on stack? */
      int cond;       /* condition type */
      int length;     /* length in bytes of opcode */
      int nopcode;    /* number of bytes representing the opcode (not the arguments) */
      int family;     /* family of opcode */
      int eob;        /* end of block (boolean) */
      ut64 jump;      /* true jmp */
      ut64 fail;      /* false jmp */
      ut32 selector;  /* segment selector */
      st64 ref;       /* reference to memory */ /* XXX signed? */
      ut64 value;     /* reference to value */ /* XXX signed? */
      st64 stackptr;  /* stack pointer */
      RAnalValue *src[3];
      RAnalValue *dst;
      int refptr;
} RAnalOp;

#define R_ANAL_COND_SINGLE(x) (!x->arg[1] || x->arg[0]==x->arg[1])

00209 typedef struct r_anal_cond_t {
      int type; // filled by CJMP opcode
      RAnalValue *arg[2]; // filled by CMP opcode
} RAnalCond;

enum {

00220 typedef struct r_anal_diff_t {
      int type;
      ut64 addr;
      char *name;
} RAnalDiff;

00226 typedef struct r_anal_bb_t {
      ut64 addr;
      ut64 size;
      ut64 jump;
      ut64 fail;
      int type;
      int ninstr;
      int returnbb;
      int conditional;
      int traced;
      ut8 *fingerprint;
      RAnalDiff *diff;
      RList *ops;
      RAnalCond *cond;
} RAnalBlock;

enum {
      R_ANAL_CC_TYPE_MSFASTCALL, // microsoft fastcall
      R_ANAL_CC_TYPE_BOFASTCALL, // borland fastcall
      R_ANAL_CC_TYPE_WAFASTCALL, // wacom fastcall

#define R_ANAL_CC_ARGS 16
00255 typedef struct r_anal_cc_t {
      int type;
      int bits;
      int rel; // relative or absolute?
      ut64 off; // offset of the call instruction (caller)
      ut64 jump; // offset of the call instruction (caller)
      int nargs;
      ut64 args[R_ANAL_CC_ARGS];
      // TODO: Store arguments someway
} RAnalCC;

00266 typedef struct r_anal_cc_type_t {
      int rtl; // right-to-left? if false use left-to-right
      int alignstack;
      //const char **reglist; //
} RAnalCCType;

enum {
      R_ANAL_FCN_TYPE_FCN = 1,
      R_ANAL_FCN_TYPE_LOC = 2,
      R_ANAL_FCN_TYPE_SYM = 4,

#define R_ANAL_VARSUBS 32
00282 typedef struct r_anal_varsub_t {
      char pat[1024];
      char sub[1024];
} RAnalVarSub;

00287 typedef struct r_anal_fcn_t {
      char *name;
      ut64 addr;
      ut64 size;
      int type;
      int calltype; /* See R_ANAL_CC_TYPE_ */
      int stack;
      int ninstr;
      int nargs;
      RAnalVarSub varsubs[R_ANAL_VARSUBS];
      ut8 *fingerprint;
      RAnalDiff *diff;
      RList *bbs;
      RList *vars;
      RList *refs;
      RList *xrefs;
} RAnalFcn;

00305 typedef struct r_anal_var_access_t {
      ut64 addr;
      int set;
} RAnalVarAccess;

00310 typedef struct r_anal_var_t {
      char *name;    /* name of the variable */
      ut64 addr; // not used correctly?
      ut64 eaddr; // not used correctly?
      int delta;     /* delta offset inside stack frame */
      int type;      /* global, local... | in, out... */
      int array;     /* array size */
      char *vartype; /* float, int... */
      /* probably dupped or so */
      RList/*RAnalVarAccess*/ *accesses; /* list of accesses for this var */
      RList/*RAnalValue*/ *stores;   /* where this */
} RAnalVar;

00323 typedef struct r_anal_var_type_t {
      char *name;
      char *fmt;
      ut32 size;
} RAnalVarType;

enum {
      R_ANAL_REF_TYPE_CODE = 'c', // code ref
      R_ANAL_REF_TYPE_CALL = 'C', // code ref (call)
      R_ANAL_REF_TYPE_DATA = 'd'  // mem ref
} RAnalRefType;

00336 typedef struct r_anal_ref_t {
      int type;
      ut64 addr;
      ut64 at;
} RAnalRef;

00342 typedef struct r_anal_refline_t {
      ut64 from;
      ut64 to;
      int index;
      struct list_head list;
} RAnalRefline;

typedef int (*RAnalOpCallback)(RAnal *a, RAnalOp *op, ut64 addr, const ut8 *data, int len);
typedef int (*RAnalRegProfCallback)(RAnal *a);
typedef int (*RAnalFPBBCallback)(RAnal *a, RAnalBlock *bb);
typedef int (*RAnalFPFcnCallback)(RAnal *a, RAnalFcn *fcn);
typedef int (*RAnalDiffBBCallback)(RAnal *anal, RAnalFcn *fcn, RAnalFcn *fcn2);
typedef int (*RAnalDiffFcnCallback)(RAnal *anal, RList *fcns, RList *fcns2);
typedef int (*RAnalDiffEvalCallback)(RAnal *anal);

00357 typedef struct r_anal_plugin_t {
      char *name;
      char *desc;
      int (*init)(void *user);
      int (*fini)(void *user);
      RAnalOpCallback op;
      RAnalRegProfCallback set_reg_profile;
      RAnalFPBBCallback fingerprint_bb;
      RAnalFPFcnCallback fingerprint_fcn;
      RAnalDiffBBCallback diff_bb;
      RAnalDiffFcnCallback diff_fcn;
      RAnalDiffEvalCallback diff_eval;
      struct list_head list;
} RAnalPlugin;

#ifdef R_API
/* anal.c */
R_API RAnal *r_anal_new();
R_API RAnal *r_anal_free(RAnal *r);
R_API void r_anal_set_user_ptr(RAnal *anal, void *user);
R_API int r_anal_add(RAnal *anal, struct r_anal_plugin_t *foo);
R_API int r_anal_list(RAnal *anal);
R_API int r_anal_use(RAnal *anal, const char *name);
R_API int r_anal_set_reg_profile(RAnal *anal);
R_API int r_anal_set_bits(RAnal *anal, int bits);
R_API int r_anal_set_big_endian(RAnal *anal, int boolean);
R_API char *r_anal_strmask (RAnal *anal, const char *data);
R_API void r_anal_trace_bb(RAnal *anal, ut64 addr);
R_API RAnalFcn *r_anal_get_fcn_at(RAnal *anal, ut64 addr);
R_API RList *r_anal_get_fcns(RAnal *anal);

/* bb.c */
R_API RAnalBlock *r_anal_bb_new();
R_API RList *r_anal_bb_list_new();
R_API void r_anal_bb_free(void *bb);
R_API int r_anal_bb(RAnal *anal, RAnalBlock *bb,
            ut64 addr, ut8 *buf, ut64 len, int head);
R_API RAnalBlock *r_anal_bb_from_offset(RAnal *anal, ut64 off);

/* op.c */
R_API RAnalOp *r_anal_op_new();
R_API void r_anal_op_free(void *op);
R_API RList *r_anal_op_list_new();
R_API int r_anal_op(RAnal *anal, RAnalOp *op, ut64 addr,
            const ut8 *data, int len);
R_API char *r_anal_op_to_string(RAnal *anal, RAnalOp *op);

/* fcn.c */
R_API RAnalFcn *r_anal_fcn_new();
R_API RAnalFcn *r_anal_fcn_find(RAnal *anal, ut64 addr, int type);
R_API RList *r_anal_fcn_list_new();
R_API void r_anal_fcn_free(void *fcn);
R_API int r_anal_fcn(RAnal *anal, RAnalFcn *fcn, ut64 addr,
            ut8 *buf, ut64 len, int reftype);
R_API int r_anal_fcn_add(RAnal *anal, ut64 addr, ut64 size,
            const char *name, int type, RAnalDiff *diff);
R_API int r_anal_fcn_del(RAnal *anal, ut64 addr);
R_API int r_anal_fcn_add_bb(RAnalFcn *fcn, ut64 addr, ut64 size,
            ut64 jump, ut64 fail, int type, RAnalDiff *diff);
R_API int r_anal_fcn_cc(RAnalFcn *fcn);
R_API int r_anal_fcn_split_bb(RAnalFcn *fcn, RAnalBlock *bb, ut64 addr);
R_API int r_anal_fcn_overlap_bb(RAnalFcn *fcn, RAnalBlock *bb);
R_API RAnalVar *r_anal_fcn_get_var(RAnalFcn *fs, int num, int dir);
R_API char *r_anal_fcn_to_string(RAnal *a, RAnalFcn* fs);
R_API int r_anal_fcn_from_string(RAnal *a, RAnalFcn *f, const char *_str);

/* ref.c */
R_API RAnalRef *r_anal_ref_new();
R_API RList *r_anal_ref_list_new();
R_API void r_anal_ref_free(void *ref);
R_API int r_anal_ref_add(RAnal *anal, ut64 addr, ut64 at, int type);
R_API int r_anal_ref_del(RAnal *anal, ut64 at);
R_API RList *r_anal_xref_get(RAnal *anal, ut64 addr);

/* var.c */
R_API RAnalVar *r_anal_var_new();
R_API RAnalVarType *r_anal_var_type_new();
R_API RAnalVarAccess *r_anal_var_access_new();
R_API RList *r_anal_var_list_new();
R_API RList *r_anal_var_type_list_new();
R_API RList *r_anal_var_access_list_new();
R_API void r_anal_var_free(void *var);
R_API void r_anal_var_type_free(void *vartype);
R_API void r_anal_var_access_free(void *access);
R_API int r_anal_var_type_add(RAnal *anal, const char *name, int size, const char *fmt);
R_API int r_anal_var_type_del(RAnal *anal, const char *name);
R_API RAnalVarType *r_anal_var_type_get(RAnal *anal, const char *name);
R_API int r_anal_var_add(RAnal *anal, RAnalFcn *fcn, ut64 from, int delta, int type,
            const char *vartype, const char *name, int set);
R_API int r_anal_var_del(RAnal *anal, RAnalFcn *fcn, int delta, int type);
R_API RAnalVar *r_anal_var_get(RAnal *anal, RAnalFcn *fcn, int delta, int type);
R_API const char *r_anal_var_type_to_str (RAnal *anal, int type);
R_API int r_anal_var_access_add(RAnal *anal, RAnalVar *var, ut64 from, int set);
R_API int r_anal_var_access_del(RAnal *anal, RAnalVar *var, ut64 from);
R_API RAnalVarAccess *r_anal_var_access_get(RAnal *anal, RAnalVar *var, ut64 from);

/* diff.c */
R_API RAnalDiff *r_anal_diff_new();
R_API void* r_anal_diff_free(RAnalDiff *diff);
R_API int r_anal_diff_fingerprint_bb(RAnal *anal, RAnalBlock *bb);
R_API int r_anal_diff_fingerprint_fcn(RAnal *anal, RAnalFcn *fcn);
R_API int r_anal_diff_bb(RAnal *anal, RAnalFcn *fcn, RAnalFcn *fcn2);
R_API int r_anal_diff_fcn(RAnal *anal, RList *fcns, RList *fcns2);
R_API int r_anal_diff_eval(RAnal *anal);

/* value.c */
R_API RAnalValue *r_anal_value_new();
R_API RAnalValue *r_anal_value_new_from_string(const char *str);
R_API st64 r_anal_value_eval(RAnalValue *value);
R_API char *r_anal_value_to_string (RAnalValue *value);
R_API ut64 r_anal_value_to_ut64(RAnal *anal, RAnalValue *val);
R_API int r_anal_value_set_ut64(RAnal *anal, RAnalValue *val, ut64 num);
R_API void r_anal_value_free(RAnalValue *value);

R_API RAnalCond *r_anal_cond_new();
R_API RAnalCond *r_anal_cond_new_from_op(RAnalOp *op);
#define r_anal_cond_free(x) free(x);
R_API char *r_anal_cond_to_string(RAnalCond *cond);
R_API int r_anal_cond_eval (RAnal *anal, RAnalCond *cond);
R_API RAnalCond *r_anal_cond_new_from_string(const char *str);

/* reflines.c */
R_API struct r_anal_refline_t *r_anal_reflines_get(RAnal *anal, 
      ut64 addr, ut8 *buf, ut64 len, int nlines, int linesout, int linescall);
R_API char* r_anal_reflines_str(struct r_anal_t *anal, struct r_anal_refline_t *list,
      ut64 addr, int opts);
R_API int r_anal_reflines_middle(RAnal *anal, RAnalRefline *list, ut64 addr, int len);

/* TODO move to r_core */
R_API void r_anal_var_list_show(RAnal *anal, RAnalFcn *fcn, ut64 addr);
R_API void r_anal_var_list(RAnal *anal, RAnalFcn *fcn, ut64 addr, int delta);

// calling conventions API
R_API RAnalCC* r_anal_cc_new ();
R_API void r_anal_cc_init (RAnalCC *cc);
R_API RAnalCC* r_anal_cc_new_from_string (const char *str, int type);
R_API void r_anal_cc_free (RAnalCC* cc);
R_API void r_anal_cc_reset (RAnalCC *cc);
R_API char *r_anal_cc_to_string (RAnal *anal, RAnalCC* cc);
R_API boolt r_anal_cc_update (RAnal *anal, RAnalCC *cc, RAnalOp *op);
//R_API int r_anal_cc_register (RAnal *anal, RAnalCC *cc);
//R_API int r_anal_cc_unregister (RAnal *anal, RAnalCC *cc);

R_API RMeta *r_meta_new();
R_API void r_meta_free(RMeta *m);
R_API int r_meta_count(RMeta *m, int type, ut64 from, ut64 to);
R_API char *r_meta_get_string(RMeta *m, int type, ut64 addr);
R_API int r_meta_del(RMeta *m, int type, ut64 from, ut64 size, const char *str);
R_API int r_meta_add(RMeta *m, int type, ut64 from, ut64 size, const char *str);
R_API struct r_meta_item_t *r_meta_find(RMeta *m, ut64 off, int type, int where);
R_API int r_meta_cleanup(RMeta *m, ut64 from, ut64 to);
R_API const char *r_meta_type_to_string(int type);
R_API int r_meta_list(RMeta *m, int type);
R_API void r_meta_item_free(void *_item);
R_API RMetaItem *r_meta_item_new(int type);

/* plugin pointers */
extern RAnalPlugin r_anal_plugin_csr;
extern RAnalPlugin r_anal_plugin_avr;
extern RAnalPlugin r_anal_plugin_arm;
extern RAnalPlugin r_anal_plugin_x86;
extern RAnalPlugin r_anal_plugin_x86_simple;
extern RAnalPlugin r_anal_plugin_ppc;
extern RAnalPlugin r_anal_plugin_java;
extern RAnalPlugin r_anal_plugin_mips;
extern RAnalPlugin r_anal_plugin_dalvik;


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