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Public Attributes

bfd_link_info Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

unsigned int allow_multiple_definition: 1
unsigned int allow_undefined_version: 1
void * base_file
struct bfd_link_callbackscallbacks
unsigned int combreloc: 1
unsigned int create_default_symver: 1
unsigned int default_imported_symver: 1
enum bfd_link_discard discard
unsigned int eh_frame_hdr: 1
unsigned int emitrelocations: 1
unsigned int execheap: 1
unsigned int execstack: 1
unsigned int executable: 1
unsigned int export_dynamic: 1
const char * fini_function
bfd_vma flags
bfd_vma flags_1
unsigned int gc_sections: 1
struct bfd_sym_chaingc_sym_list
struct bfd_link_hash_tablehash
const char * init_function
struct bfd_hash_tablekeep_hash
unsigned int keep_memory: 1
unsigned int new_dtags: 1
unsigned int nocopyreloc: 1
unsigned int noexecheap: 1
unsigned int noexecstack: 1
unsigned int notice_all: 1
struct bfd_hash_tablenotice_hash
unsigned int optimize: 1
int pei386_auto_import
int pei386_runtime_pseudo_reloc
unsigned int pie: 1
int relax_pass
unsigned int relocatable: 1
unsigned int relro: 1
bfd_vma relro_end
bfd_vma relro_start
unsigned int shared: 1
unsigned int spare_dynamic_tags
unsigned int static_link: 1
enum bfd_link_strip strip
unsigned int strip_discarded: 1
unsigned int symbolic: 1
unsigned int task_link: 1
unsigned int traditional_format: 1
enum report_method unresolved_syms_in_objects
enum report_method unresolved_syms_in_shared_libs
unsigned int warn_shared_textrel: 1
char wrap_char
struct bfd_hash_tablewrap_hash

Detailed Description

Definition at line 229 of file bfdlink.h.

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